How does the 1-week free trial work?

You have access to everything in the library. The membership includes 1-week free trial on sign-up before charging. After your trial period is up, your subscription will begin and your membership will automatically renew monthly.  

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, and your membership will end at the end of your subscription month. To cancel, login, go to Dashboard, select Billing, Change Plan, Cancel Membership.

How do I change any aspect of my membership?

Once you create an account and log in, you will see the menu option Dashboard.  In your Dashboard, you can change your profile, password, credit card number, see your invoices, and cancel your membership.

Can I ask you specific horsemanship questions or questions about the videos?

In the Comments Tab in each series or single video, you can make comments.  We will weekly review these comments and reply to some.  We will also shoot a video to answer some questions and post these in the Questions & Answers Groundwork and Riding series. We encourage you to ask questions.

How can I add just a video from a series to my Favorites?

If the video is in a Category, then you can add that video to your favorites, but if it is one of several in a series, then you can currently only add the entire series to your favorites. But here is a two-step method to add just a video from the series to your Favorites. Put the title or most of it in the search box. The video then comes on the screen outside the series context. Select it and there should be an Add to Favorites under the video.