Terms and Conditions

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    Any dealing with horses can involve danger for human beings.

    The videos you will watch show some exercises which should only be done after taking a very careful look at the possibilities and abilities of the person to be involved as well as the horses.

    Robert and Janet Phinney accept no liability for personal injury, damage to property or financial loss ensuing from the use of the exercises shown.

    YOU MUST Leave all unpleasant emotions behind (guilt, worry, judgment, anger, fear, doubt and pride), or at the gate as we suggest when working with your horse. You must wipe your feet of all these useless feelings and thoughts. Working with horses, yourself and others and also in learning it is imperative that you think positively and that you relax. Take 10 deep breaths and clear your mind before you begin.

    Jot down any ideas you get about yourself or your horse after watching each video. This will help you learn.

    We strongly encourage you to share your successes in the comments section as we believe you will help both yourself and inspire others.

    We strongly encourage you to offer assistance to other’s questions ONLY when you feel you have some good feedback. ALWAYS keep this feedback positive. THIS IS A MUST.

    One rule of good horsemanship is to give more than you get. Giving opens doors to receiving and since our horse is a mirror of our abilities, giving to our horses and our fellow horsemen will improve our partnerships.


    ALWAYS BELIEVE something wonderful is about to happen.

    ALWAYS BELIEVE both you and your horse can do it, and that your horse is willing.

    DO NOT let the past play in your mind. Forgive and move on to greater things. They await you now.